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Alumni Association

News from the John F. Kennedy School Alumni Association

Last updated on Friday, July 4, 2014

4th of July

We wish all American alumni a nice national holiday and all Germans a thrilling soccer game tonight. Your JFKS Alumni Association board

Our new bank account

For all members who have joined our association and those who want to make a one-time donation allowing us to design a new and pro- fessional website, please go to www.jfks.net/publications to see the bank details. Thank you so much for supporting us!

30th Class Reunion

The class of 1984 is celebrating its 30th class reunion soon! On July 4th, 2014, we would like you to celebrate with us at “Café Maibach”, Maaßenstr. 5, 10777 Berlin, starting at 21:00! More details see: Class-Reunion-2014.pdf at: www.jfks.net/publlications. See you soon!

Newsletter June 13, 2014

Please read our first newsletter at: www.jfks.net/publications Thank you. Our new contact address: alumni@jfksberlin.org

For the first time in 28 years,.a new board for the Alumni Association was elected in March 2014:

Bettina Moegelin - chair Sonia Weese - 1st deputy chair, Siegrid Nordhausen - 2nd deputy chair, Sven Stühmer - treasurer, Tina Frangenheim - secretary.

John Hagen was appointed as honorary member. We have several new projects (e.g. a new website) in mind and hope for many members! Regards, your Alumni Board

Fotos of the election meeting


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For fast communication, request membership in the jfks facebook group with now 900 members:

www.facebook.com/groups/629848047049399/ ( john f. kennedy school, berlin - alumni association )

Please delete e-mail addresses in the Alumni Directory that you do no longer use. Thanks. Many of you have more than one address.

Statistics: - The email directory is growing and growing - now containing addresses of former JFKS students and teachers.

P.S.: Though many, many alumni are included in our online directory there are still a good number of people missing. If you meet any of them, please tell them about this wonderful project and where to find it so they can profit from this as well... :o)

Visit www.jfks.de (the school's official website)


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