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News from the John F. Kennedy School Alumni Association

Last updated on Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Support of the JFKS FUN RUN

Last Friday, September 18th, all JFK students from class 1 through 12 participated in the FUN RUN raising money for the school by running as many laps as possible. We sponsored a voucher for the teacher of the winning class. AND: Teachers and principals had their own hurdle race! CONGRATULATIONS!

SAVE THE DATE: November 12, 2015 at 6 pm

The BALI-Kino will show a film produced by a JFKS parent and international film maker. "Brown Bread" - a documentary about an interracial adoptive family. The evening will be organized by the JFKS Alumni Association in cooperation with the film maker Sarah Gross. Looking forward to seeing many of you! The Board

Statistics: - The email directory is growing and growing - now containing addresses of former JFKS students and teachers.

P.S.: Though many, many alumni are included in our online directory there are still a good number of people missing. If you meet any of them, please tell them about this wonderful project and where to find it so they can profit from this as well... :o)

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