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Welcome to the website of the JFKS Alumni Community, run by the JFKS Berlin Alumni e.V., the official association of former students and teachers of the John F. Kennedy School in Berlin.

We invite you to become part of the alumni network and remain in touch with your school and classmates after graduating from or leaving the JFKS. We would like to renew and maintain personal relationships. That is what our Alumni Directory is for: Here you can update your profile and find other students and teachers. Furthermore, you can find information on what is currently happening in the alumni and school community. These include various events and our projects as well as other subjects relevant to the JFKS alumni community.

To register on this website you need to be an alumnus but not necessarily a member of the JFKS Berlin Alumni e.V. Of course, we would appreciate it very much if you joined us.

Thank you for registering.

Our objectives

providing a contact platform for former students and teachers

German-American relationships

supporting former students through counselling and mentoring

organizing events with national and international speakers

Your active engagement can help make a real difference to the next generation of JFKS alumni. You are interested? Register right here!

1. Eligible for registration on this website is any former student, teacher, or member of staff who attended or worked at JFKS in Berlin, Germany. 
2. We are asking everyone, who was already registered on the old website, to please register again.

The registration process works via two-way authentication. When you submit your registration, you will receive a system-generated e-mail confirming that we have received it. - Please check your spam folder. - Your registration will then be reviewed by us. You won't be able to log on, until your registration has been verified. Upon successful verification of your registration, you will receive an e-mail with a link which you need to follow in order to finalize this process. Then you will be able to log on.

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